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Natural. Handcrafted. Magick. 


ALL natural

All my beautifully handcrafted offerings are 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals. For your mind, body, soul & space. All my products never contain any parabens, detergents, silicones, sulfates, or palm oil just natural, mindfully selected ingredients that don’t harm you or the planet.

infused by magick. charged by crystals. 


By the power of white magick all offerings have been blessed with good intention and infused with high vibrational powerful crystals.

I have spent many years practicing the healing art of Wicca. I have so much knowledge I want to share so each of my products has an in-depth description of their ingredients and their magickal properties. Please click on the product which interests you and have a read. 

The Sacred ChalicE Well

The water sprung from this well is incredibly powerful, it is the essence of life, the gift from Mother Earth herself. Built by the wise Druids. Legend has it that this is the site of the holy grail. This magickal water is infused with essential oils and crystals which makes up the chakra mists, aura mists, and crystal cleanser. 



All products are made with the highest ethical standpoint with great love and respect for mother earth and all her beings.