magickal Candles 

Candles are available in 300ml glass and 250ml rose gold & silver tins. 


There is something so special about a dancing flame, we instantly feel at peace, and is one of the easiest ways to shift negative energy. 'Candle magick' is the oldest form of magick and in times gone by the fire was the only source of illumination, besides the sun and the moon, that is why the flame, especially flickering on a candle holds such sacred power. I have a special range of candles all devoted to my favourite Sabbats all made with blessings and love of the special days. 


The candle symbolises the FOUR ELEMENTS that embodies the entire universe. The wick and base of the candles represent EARTH, the wax which transforms from solid to liquid represents WATER, the oxygen needed to keep the flame alive represents AIR and of course the flame itself represents FIRE, here lies your power, use it wisely.


Like all my products I only use natural, vegan and sustainable ingredients. The wax I use is from EcoSoya which is vegan, biodegradable, plant-based and sustainable. All fragrance is made of essential oils, the wax is dyed with natural dyes and none of my ingredients are ever tested on animals.

All candles are 100% Natural which may produce a frosting affect, please see my FAQ section for more info.  Please remove the dried flowers & herbs before lighting and never leave a candle unattended.